Vote Peter McColl #1 for Edinburgh East

I am standing for selection to be the Scottish Green Party’s candidate for Edinburgh East in the 2015 General Election. This election gives us the opportunity to build on what was our best ever result in Scotland in the 2014 European Elections. Whilst we did not get a Green MEP elected, we did reach a range of new voters who showed their support for our message of a just and welcoming Scotland. We must build on this electoral advance, securing our place as the Party that stands up for public services and workers, immigrants and the vulnerable, and for a Scotland that builds peace in the world.

Edinburgh East is the best opportunity for a Scottish Green MP. I am well known in Portobello and Edinburgh University, two important Green areas of the constituency. I am a local candidate who can deliver a big Green vote here.

I will use the campaign to:

  • Fight for action on climate change and biodiversity;
  • Oppose austerity, cuts, and attacks on social security;
  • Build Edinburgh Greens ahead of Holyrood election;
  • Combat inequality.

As a community activist in Portobello I have been:

  • Founding board member – PEDAL-Portobello Transition Town;
  • Community Councillor;
  • Campaigner to keep Castlebrae High School open;
  • Council candidate twice, increasing the vote substantially.

As Rector of Edinburgh University I:

  • Campaigned for Fossil-Free University investments;
  • Won fixed international student fees;
  • Created a 106-unit student housing cooperative;
  • Fought against £9000 fees.

I will be a high-profile candidate with the ability to generate momentum. The exciting European campaign attracted support and I will ensure our Westminster campaign repeats this.

I have a long record in the Green party:

  • Former Edinburgh Convener and longest-serving committee member;
  • 2014 European campaign co-convener;
  • Council, European and Holyrood candidate.

For a local candidate who can deliver the Party’s message to a range of voters, select Peter McColl #1 for Edinburgh East.


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