Fire Under the Stars

If you’re free this Sunday evening, why not come down to Portobello for an evening of songs and stories with an environmental theme? Eric is a great singer songwriter and storyteller. It’ll be great!

Environmental songs, stories and humour with Eric Maddern
We became human sitting round a fire under the stars. We are now burning up the planet. We are a miracle in the Universe yet we are undermining our survival and the survival of the Garden of Eden that is our lovely, lonely, living Planet Earth.
This show is a bold, inspiring, hopeful and heart-warming take on the big picture and the step up we must make.
Eric Maddern is an Australian born storyteller, singer-songwriter and author
St. James’ Church hall, Rosefield Place
Sunday June 20th 7.30pm
Suggested donation: £5
Suitable for all aged 10 upwards.

After the show there will be a chance to find out how you can get involved in PEDAL’s latest food and energy projects (for those who live locally – non-Portobello-ites welcome!)


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