Portobello Wins Decision on Waste Transfer Site

Portobello has won the Appeal over whether to place a waste transfer site in the middle of the area’s residential heart. Viridor, who wanted to build the site had appealed the City Council Planning Committee’s decision to refuse the development. Everyone will be pleased at this. The potential for the waste-transfer station to ruin the lives of people living in Portobello is hard to overstate.

The Portobello community rallied round to raise over £30 000 to fight the appeal. Many thanks are due to Diana Cairns who led the spledidly-named Portobello Opposes New Garbage Station (PONGS) which raised the money for the appeal, and to Suzanne McIntosh who led the witnesses at the appeal, and was terrific in giving evidence at the Public Inquiry. Thanks are also due to all the people who worked so hard to prepare evidence for the appeal.  Delivering a precognition was a nerve-wracking experience, as I can attest. But we were given confidence by Suzanne and Douglas Armstrong the QC who represented the community. All three Councillors supported the community very well in the process.

It’s a great victory for the community. But we have to hope that we can keep beating off threats like this and the superstore. Unfortunately the Council’s planning department has a worrying track record of recommending approval for destructive schemes like this.



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