Help Save the Tent of Nations

Tent of Nations is an excellent project in the West Bank, Palestine. It seeks to bring together people from different nations to build bridges of understanding. It is under threat from proposed demolition of some of the buildings by the Israeli authorities. Please help to save the project by reading the following message from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition and doing the actions suggested:

We write with the distressing news of demolition orders put on nine structures at Tent of Nations. It is vital that the international community responds to help stop the demolitions and below we provide the link to a petition about it. You can also use this information when lobbying your MP and MEP as yet another example of the way Israel continues to violate the 4th Geneva Convention. Amnesty International is still committed to this issue and in a few days will be launching a further campaign about demolitions; we will send you information as it becomes available. With this email we also provide a link to an interview with Jeff Halper, recorded earlier this year.

Tent of Nations – demolition orders received

On Thursday, 27 May, Tent of Nations was issued with nine demolition orders for structures on its site to be executed Sunday, 30 May. The Nassar’s attorney has initiated emergency legal action to stave off disaster. The Nassar Family Farm/Tent of Nations Project just south of Bethlehem has a long history of modelling peaceful co-existence with its neighbours through teaching courses and providing workshops and conferences for women and youth.  It also provides opportunities for internationals, Israelis and Palestinians to unite in solidarity around a common dream of a just peace. ( The Project has always provided a safe haven for those who are committed to justice, and we want it to continue to do so.

The pending Israeli Military demolition orders are for tents, animal shelters, metal roofs on both old houses, the restroom shelters, a water cistern, a one-room trailer and two underground renovated cave structures. While one officer wrote the demolition orders on Thursday, the other photographed the structures. Israeli soldiers accompanied them and pointed their guns on the family and volunteers.

Ben White has written about it here.

Friends of Tent of Nations UK urges people to sign the petition that they have prepared and which will be sent to the Israeli Embassy. Please sign it and forward it to your networks.


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