Portobello Scottish Power Site Development

UPDATE: The City of Edinburgh Council’s Planning Committee rejected this plan today by 7 votes to 5.

URGENT!!! This is going to Planning Committee on 12th May

(10am onwards at City Chambers, High St – public can attend)

17-21 Portobello High St (ex Scottish Power) – Planning App No 09/01029/FUL – recommends approval – PLEASE OBJECT!

Write to Councillors on the Planning Committee to remind them of our concerns – this will be your last chance to say how you feel (addresses below)

Unfortunately many of residents’ original concerns have NOT been addressed:

  • Heights Most buildings are 6 storeys rising to 7 & 8 storeys.  The Planning Report says building heights would be 20 – 24 metres (60 – 84 feet) above ground level, and are all much higher than the Fishwives Causeway and Kings Road tenements (both 16.1 metres (48 feet) at Apex above ground level), and massively higher than Baileyfield Rd 1-2 storey cottages.  This therefore does not comply with NW Portobello Dev. Brief.
  • Density of land use of 710 dwellings plus 7 commercial & community units still causes great concern. The breakdown is 137X Family size apartments, 122X 2 or 3 bedroom flats, 222X 2-person apartments (1 bedroom), 219X 1’studio apartments’, & 10 X live/work units. This population density in a suburban area would put huge pressure on local services and transport.
  • Retail We are very concerned about the actual use of the larger premises set aside for commercial or community use if they are not taken up by the Royal British Legion (1516 Sq Mtrs), or community uses. A condition should be added to limit retail to “a possible purely local “corner shop” (NWPDB) and no larger scale retail.
  • Traffic We have huge concerns about the traffic this density of population would generate (473 X2-way vehicle movements AM peak and 486X 2-way vehicle movements PM peak), the impact on junctions, pedestrian crossings, bus lanes/stops, and that the demand for car parking spaces would exceed the 562 spaces, pushing parking onto already congested nearby streets.
  • Air quality Services for Communities (CEC) states they already have concerns about air quality on Portobello High Street after 13 months monitoring and due to the density of this development. Although the Applicant gave a Revised Assessment showing only small increases in pollutant concentrations, this is based on predictions of improved vehicle technology which may not happen.
  • Block E (corner of Baileyfield Rd/Fishwives Causeway) We have serious concerns about the population density of this block in particular, plus its design with vennels between blocks – with potential light, access and security issues, as well as the effects of sea winds whistling along these!
  • Views Many public views would be lost as, although there are breaks in the building heights along Port. High Street, there are higher blocks behind these which would stop views of Arthur’s Seat.
  • Conservation area The high blocks would be very visible from and affect the nearby Conservation area. The main material appears to be buff colour brick. This is a particular concern where there are walls of 6 storeys. Such a large proportion of brick would change the look of Portobello.

Email: Quote Planning App 09/01029/FUL and give your name and postal address:


















Write to Councillors (as above): The City Chambers, High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

Thanks to PMAG (Portobello Masterplan Action Group)


4 thoughts on “Portobello Scottish Power Site Development

  1. benismobile May 12, 2010 / 2:40 pm

    what’s the coucil got against us in Porty, anyway? Btw – if the Britsh legion move into the new site what will become of the current British Legion site?

  2. Peter McColl May 12, 2010 / 2:50 pm

    And it turns out the Council don’t dislike us too much. I’m told the Planning Committee turned the proposals down 7 to 5 today. So hurrah for that!

    • Peter McColl May 12, 2010 / 3:13 pm

      Oh, and the British Legion have already decided to close down. They won’t be occupying the Scottish Power site regardless of planning permission. I expect they’ll sell the site for housing development.

    • benismobile May 12, 2010 / 3:29 pm

      Great news. I meant the council planning admin – we already know the Planning Committee are not against us. Thought I heard the BL was closing down. No chance of recovering some greenspace from the Portobello school relocation? Great site for a playground. Naturally living next door and having small kids I have admit I’m biased!

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